Chicks & Blokes

Throughout the year we create opportunities for just the girls and just the blokes to hang out and grow in personal connection with others and with God. You’re never too young or too old to be part of Chicks or Blokes.


There’s something very cool when a bunch of girls get together. The volume in the room goes to a whole new level as girls connect and download what’s happening in their worlds. Beware – you could encounter snort laughing, crying or a combination of both!

We know life is busy but we also know the benefits of just getting together to grow in our relationship with God. We run a handful of gatherings, which we hope will encourage you to be the best woman, leader, business owner, girlfriend, sister, mother or wife that you can be.


Compass blokes provides a space where guys can get together and discuss and learn about what it is to be the best bloke, husband, dad, mate, brother, work colleague, employee, leader or business owner based on what God calls us to be. There are several events throughout the year as well as monthly get togethers.