Fathers Day 2011

September is well and truly upon us, kicking it off celebrating the Father’s. Michael shared with us the traumatising minutes earlier that morning where he thought his children went missing as he discovered the back gate open. Though amusing for us knowing the outcome of the story, for him as a father in those earlier moments it was no laughing matter. From this Michael reflected upon the story in Luke 15, where the prodigal son returns home to his loving Father. We came to a greater understanding of God being our loving Father and how he wants to give us such blessing. In this way also, we were challenged to not make church something else on a TO DO list and just tick it off once complete. What difference will that make? Is it an optional extra? Where does it sit on our list of priorities? But rather, if we come to the house of God with a great expectancy for Him to meet us, we can trust that He will further exceed our expectations as we put Him first.