No eye has seen and no ear has heard

Being an ex-physio, all things medical are of interest to me. During my 4 years at Uni I saw, heard, dissected and learnt some amazing things regarding the human body. Lecture after lecture I was blown away about the amazing way our bodies work. There have been so many significant discoveries and so much progress has been made to understand the human body, yet it’s fair to say there’s still so much we don’t know.

One thing that fascinates me is the DNA strand and the double helix that basically determines so much about who we are. Even with all the remarkable discoveries there is still something woven into each of our DNA that we will never find.

I believe that within everyone’s DNA there are things woven into it and lying dormant, things like – destiny, purpose, meaning, significance, hope, faith, eternity which only becomes truly activated when we accept Jesus Christ as Lord of our lives. Then God supernaturally deposits His Spirit in us and BOOM – those life-giving aspects are activated. I think of it like a light switch that is suddenly turned on and the power is delivered to these things and they start to be released in our lives.

I love the fact that God doesn’t look for ability, intellect, education, social status, wealth, history, strength or looks. But He is looking for our hearts and our availability. When we simply fully surrender and lay everything down before Him, He can then release His Spirit without limit into our lives so we start to live lives full of destiny, purpose, meaning, significance, hope, faith with the assurance of where we will spend eternity.